Residential Cleaning Services

Services Included

15 Point High Touch Disinfecting
Furniture Pulls and Handles Trash Cans Towel Racks Phones
Cabinet Pulls and Handles Door Handles Faucet and Handles Intercom
Kitchen Appliances Handles Light Switches Keyboards and Mouses Doorbell
Stove Knobs Toilet Flushers Remote Controls


SERVICE Top to Bottom Deluxe Perfect Maintenance  Deep Move In/Out Short Stay
Living Areas
Beds made
Sofas vacuumed
Blinds dusted ✔ 
Furniture, décor, lampshades dusted
AC vents dusted
Glass table tops cleaned
Doors wiped
Floors vacuumed and moped
Baseboards dusted
Trash cans emptied
Dishwasher loaded
Countertop cleaned
Exterior of Appliances wiped
Interior of microwave cleaned
Exterior of cabinets detail cleaned
Interior of cabinets detail cleaned
Baseboards dusted
Floors vacuumed and moped
Trash can exterior detail cleaned
Trash cans emptied
Bathtub and shower cleaned
Grout cleaned *walls and floor
Toilet cleaned and disinfected
Sink cleaned and disinfected
Mirrors cleaned
Exterior of cabinets wiped
Interior of cabinets wiped
Trash cans emptied
Laundry per load
Interior of refrigerator cleaned
Interior of oven cleaned
Dishes hand washed
Washer/Dryer interior clean
Light switches/electric outlets wiped
Interior of windows cleaned
Blinds wet wiped
Baseboards wet wiped
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